Karishma Metal Industries
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Our Team



Mr. Roshanlalji Kothari is the Mentor of KARISHMA METAL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. He has a major role in laying the foundation of the company. He has gained immense knowledge about Aluminium Industry from over past 40 years and with his experience he keeps inspiring his family and employees .He is a true example of how someone should be dedicated towards work and and never stop working hard in life. He is company's role model . He is not only father of Mr. Shanti Kothari but also takes care of his company and his employees like his children.Karishma Metal is blessed to have him as its Mentor.



Mr.Shanti R. Kothari is the Chairman of KARISHMA METAL INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD. who started the inception of the Brand "KARISHMA" and "KARISHMA - THE TRAY KING". He is a very well known person who is often referred as a young and talented entrepreneur among the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Industry. His forte is Innovation, where he has been the kay person in the company to design and create customized products as per the client's needs.Apart form this role he has also made contributions to the nation and society by being an active part in many of the social activities on regular basis.

Managing Director


Mr.Sunny S. Kothari,Managing Director of the KMIPL joined the company in 2010 after completion of his education and acquiring a degree in bachelor of business Administration form University of Wolverhampton,UK. He has an expertise in the field of strategic management of different businesses. His young, dynamic and perfect planning nature has always proved him as an efficient business tool is to increase the growth rate of the company. His forte is to install new technologies in the company for better output. He carries the vision to expand the brand "KARISHMA" all over the world.

Executive Director


Mrs.Rashmi S. Kothari,is the Executive Director of the KMIPL. She holds a computer engineering degree form Mumbai University and has an experience of working with various multinationals.She joined KMIPL in 2014 with a single mission to further technologically uplift the working of the company. She is engaged in the core administrative activities of the company and is a perfect example of a people's person. People who work with the company are like an asset to her. Her forte is to bring systems and processes in place and emerge the company to a professional Level.